President’s Message

Higher education plays an essential role in the development of youth and I realised that when I was pursuing my higher-ed myself. Students, especially in and around our regions were in dire need of quality higher education that inspires and encourages them to learn, unlearn and learn again. The education available during our days had various constraints like the availability of competent institutes, steep fees, inadequate faculty, outdated curriculum, lack of employable skills and more. And that’s when I decided to try to solve some of those problems on my own.

In 2012 Dev Bhoomi Institute of Polytechnic came into being. It was built with the vision to nurture aspirants into assets for the industry, and then help those students find their deserving career opportunities.

After one and a half-decade of we dreamt to shape yet another truly independent, new-age, dynamic and futuristic campus. And with relentless hard work, sincerity and commitment we displayed to the world of education, DBGI was promoted to an independent university- Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University; popularly known as DBUU.

DBUU has found this unique opportunity to give an overhaul to outdated teaching-learning practices and establish a radical new way of delivering and receiving education.

Industry collaborations for curriculum development, students’ training and placements establishing state-of-the-art research facilities; an outstanding pool of faculty with rich industry and academic experience; world-class infrastructure; experiential curriculum; placements opportunity with Fortune 500 companies and a lot more is being done to ensure that students get every opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

So, whether you want to study a whole lot of new subjects, or you want a top job, or create jobs with your own start-up, we say- Begin at DBIP. Remember, the start is everything.

  Mr. Sanjay Bansal